Photos taken the week of April 15th - April 22nd at Fantasy Island Resort on the island of Roatan, Honduras.

It was a great resort, and I highly recommend going there. The diving was great as well.

p4180061_small.jpg p4180062_small.jpg p4180063_small.jpg p4180064_small.jpg
p4180065_small.jpg p4180066_small.jpg p4180067_small.jpg p4180068_small.jpg
p4180069_small.jpg p4180070_small.jpg p4180071_small.jpg p4180072_small.jpg
p4180073_small.jpg p4180074_small.jpg p4180075_small.jpg p4180076_small.jpg
p4180077_small.jpg p4180078_small.jpg p4180079_small.jpg p4180080_small.jpg
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