These are pictures taken with my MX-5 Underwater camera. Some pics were taken with older film, so the quality isn't as good, but you can still make out the marine life.

r11212_121_small.jpg r11311_122_small.jpg r11410_123_small.jpg r1159_124_small.jpg
r1168_125_small.jpg r1177_126_small.jpg r1186_127_small.jpg r1195_128_small.jpg
r1204_129_small.jpg r1213_130_small.jpg r1222_131_small.jpg r1231_132_small.jpg
r1240_133_small.jpg r12500_134_small.jpg r10025_135_small.jpg r10124_136_small.jpg
r10223_137_small.jpg r10322_138_small.jpg r10421_139_small.jpg r10520_140_small.jpg

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